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The Education Sector

Outstanding schools have 3 features embedded in their culture:

• Exceptional leadership

• Strong values aligned to organisational strategy, which genuinely underpins everything they do

• Innovative, and creative teaching and learning

These aspects are what make the difference in young peoples’ chances in life and so they are what 18 Consultancy’s work is focused on.

Building leadership capacity at all levels in your school organisation is fundamental to its success. In its absence there is a vulnerability to the inevitable ebb and flow of organisational movement. 18 Consultancy will work with you to create an on-site leadership development strategy, to create outstanding leaders at all levels helping to ensure highly skilled and qualified individuals are available to meet changing needs. We will coach your leaders to outstanding, and create and deliver on-site Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training to meet the precise needs of your leadership team

Leading and managing organisational change is a constant and necessary feature of school organisation. All too often organisational change happens reactively rather than as part of the overall strategic thinking of the organisation. At 18 Consultancy we know the importance of having the right people doing the right jobs, and we understand the process of leading and delivering change. We will work with you to proactively review and analyse your existing strategy and help plan your change management process using the values on which your organisation is based

Outstanding teaching and learning happens when adults have high expectations of students combined with positively challenging relationships with them. At 18 Consultancy we understand this and are skilled in working with adults to help them discover their own barriers and limiting behaviours as well as finding their own solutions. We are particularly skilled at working with NQTs and inexperienced teachers to give them the tools to help them develop their craft. We will work alongside teachers in classrooms as well as creating and delivering innovative CPD for your teachers to further their own learning.

All outstanding schools know the importance of having a culture of Coaching in schools. At 18 Consultancy we believe that a coaching approach has been demonstrated as being the single most effective way of developing your leadership team and improving their overall performance, whether through directly coaching your team or helping you develop and implement your own coaching strategy. Your people are your greatest resource so getting the best out of them is fundamental to your success.

Continuing Professional Development

18 Consultancy offers a range of CPD opportunities.  Some of the areas are described above as whole school, leadership or systemic levels of work.  In addition, 18 Consultancy offers CPD short courses in a range of areas such as:

• Developing Positive Relationships

• Managing Behaviour

• Managing Difficult People

• Developing your coaching skills

• Introduction to Restorative Approaches and its uses in schools

• Communication skills for front line staff

• Leading Effective Teams

• Understanding, Triggering and Maintaining Motivation in your staff team

Aspire! Groups

It’s essential, particularly at the moment when budgets are tight, that schools are able to get the best and most effective CPD for themselves. CPD that inspires for only a day with little future impact is of brief value.

Recognizing this, and knowing there are few real CPD opportunities for certain groups of staff, 18 Consultancy has created Aspire!  Each Aspire! group is a discrete entity, comprising a maximum of 6 people, all working at a similar level within an organisation.  Currently there is an Aspire! programme available for Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Assistant Headteachers, senior “pastoral” leaders, School Business Managers and for NQTs.

Each group meets monthly and explores leadership skills, coaching, peer-to-peer support and networking in a confidential and supportive setting.  Commitment to the group is by annual membership. This CPD model is receiving much positive feedback as it offers a practical and focussed approach that enables members to develop their own skillset and effectiveness, which translates to skills that directly benefit the school.


Our work with you will be as individual as you are.