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The Corporate Sector

Successful organisations recognize that it is their people who are their greatest resource and asset.  How well (or poorly) an organisation performs is a function of how well the individuals within the organisation perform.  An organisation’s competitive edge comes from maximizing the performance of employees, whilst maintaining high levels of morale.  This requires that leaders go beyond the standard rewards, recognition or typical methods of motivating employees.  They need to tap into the dormant resources and abilities within their staff on an individual basis.  This is never more crucial than in difficult economic times when resources are tight and organisations are working hard to find that difference which makes the difference.

When it comes to bringing out the best in employees, coaching is the tool of choice for astute and forward thinking organisations.  When used effectively in your organisation, coaching will:

• Create stronger manager / employee relationships

• Empower employees

• Maximize employee strengths

• Identify employee values

• Set challenging yet realistic goals

• Improve employee decision-making and problem-solving skills

• Provide effective accountability

• Provide direction for employee development

• Improve organisation systems

In short, it will help the individual and the organisation get the most out of the relationship.

Research has shown that the majority of the most effective organizations have coaching as an integral part of their working life.  Executive coaching is particularly important for the senior leaders in any organisation in order to drive forward the vision, values and outcomes fundamental to that organisation

However, when team leaders as well as individual members of the staff team have the opportunity to receive regular coaching, the benefits to the organisation are exponential.

18 Consultancy Coaching Solutions offer a customised mix of leadership coaching or generic employee coaching to suit your requirements.  Let us know what you need, or ask us to provide an evaluation of your needs, and together we will design the right solution!

Staff development and training

First class staff development, which really makes a difference within an organisation is hard to come by.  18 Consultancy offers such an opportunity.

We offer a comprehensive range of staff development solutions in a variety of time durations to help you maximize the value of your staff training programme.  Opportunities include:

• Excellence in Communication

• Dealing with Difficult People

• Dealing with Difficult or Challenging Behaviour

• Managing Effective Teams

• More Effective Recruitment: Getting the Staff you Need

• Understanding, Triggering and Maintaining Motivation in your staff

• Restorative Approaches to Managing Conflict

This is only a sample of the possible staff development opportunities; bespoke solutions can be developed with you to ensure effective value for money for your organisation.

Staff development, hosted at your own organisation is cost-effective solution and is available for groups of up to 15 delegates at a time.

18 Consultancy will also offer courses hosted at alternative venues at regular intervals, where organisations are able to send one or two delegates to join with other organisations for the training.


Our work with you will be as individual as you are.


3 Riverside

65 Westgate


West Yorkshire

LS22 6NH