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If you are someone who wants to be aspirational and inspirational in your field, and be the best you can be, then you’re invited to join Aspire!

Maybe you’re a leader or potential leader with vision.

Perhaps you’re someone who really wants to make a difference through your work, and someone who understands that learning is a lifelong process.

Of course you understand that you still have untapped potential and you aspire to reach that potential.


Your Aspire! will comprise up to 6 people, by invitation only, from across the region; you’ll meet for half a day 10 times each year, to receive individual and peer to peer support through coaching, specific to your needs or requirements.  You’ll be able to explore, with like-minded people and in a highly professional manner, issues which are both relevant and pertinent to you.  Each meeting will also have a 1 hour seminar exploring aspects relevant to you as a group.  Each seminar will be designed to meet the emerging needs of the group.  There’ll also be opportunities for you to network within your group.

If you want to know more, then please email me.