18 Consultancy is a values led company, formed from the passion and commitment of its Managing Director Eileen Hinds, to bring high quality services to like minded organisations. Fundamental to our success is a commitment to work with honesty and integrity and to treat clients with respect at all times. 18 Consultancy will always provide honest feedback that will add value to your organisation, and we anticipate that same level of honesty from you in return.


It’s not just what 18 Consultancy brings to your organisation which matters, but also what we leave behind.  Investing in the work that 18 Consultancy provides is investing in your organisation’s future success.





We will support you with:

•  Leadership coaching

•  Leadership Development

•  Coaching and mentoring teams

•  Support for Recruitment to key posts

•  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for individuals / teams

•  Mediation / conflict resolution though Restorative Approaches

Our work with you will be as individual as you are.




3 Riverside

65 Westgate


West Yorkshire

LS22 6NH